Work at your own rhythm on your business, while regaining energy, clarity and joy.

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If you are feeling low in energy and you are struggling to keep up with everything you need to do to take your business to the next level, I invite listen to your body and pause!

And if you simply want to take it easy to focus on other important matters of your life, or slow down to spend quality time with your loved (and yourself!), you should do that too!

There are times for high intense focus on your business and other times where you need to take it slow for your own physical and mental well being, but also to have fun while allowing your business to regenerate from inside.

  • Taking it slow does not mean that you stop everything, although you could… If you do it strategically and intentionally.

  • Taking it slow simply means that you proactively choose the areas where you will pause, until further notice, and those that you will slowly but surely, reflect on, work on, implement or change in your business. 

  • Taking it slow also means that you can take a 3-month break or more, travel, explore your hobbies, spend quality time with your loved ones, while getting some things done.

And if you have lost motivation, or feel a little “blah” about working on your business these days, this process you will help you regain confidence, clarity and energy. Moreover,  you will also regain JOY working on your business and reconnect with your big mission!


With Amel Derragui, business and marketing coach.

Challenge accepted!

During this 3-month slow challenge you will reflect on your business, implement simple tasks at a slow pace while reconnecting to what brings you joy and energy in your business.

This is how the SLOW CHALLENGE works:

  • Get theme based guidance with short assignments to reflect on your business and implement small but impactful tasks every two weeks. Amel Derragui will provide you these resources  in audio and written formats so that you can choose the medium that works best for you.
  • Join the 30-minute monthly live group calls to report on your successes, challenges and find answers to your questions.  These 4 calls will take place every first Monday of the months of June, July, August and September 2022. 
  • Find weekly soft nudges, support and inspiration throughout the challenge inside a dedicated  Facebook group.


You missed one of the assignments or joined the challenge after the “official” start date?

No worries! This challenge is all about taking it at your own pace while making progress.

No matter when you sign up to this challenge, you will get access to all previous assignments and live call replays in one place until 30th October 2022.

The themes are independent from each other and do not build up on each other. Therefore, you can join the challenge at any time while it's running, and go back to previous material when it's convenient for you.

Here are some of the areas which you might need to reflect on, lay the ground to take your business forward and reach your goals while moving at your own pace:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Finances check up
  • Alignment check up
  • Relationships check up
  • Goals review
  • Strategy review

Let’s regain energy, clarity and joy while taking one small step at a time towards your business growth.

Ready to take it slow while making progress in your business?

Hi There!

I'm Amel: a global nomad, business coach and founder of Tandem Nomads. Over 10 years ago, I left a successful corporate career to join my husband abroad and launched a marketing consulting business. Making my business portable and sustainable on the move was my obsession!

Once I figured it out, all I could think of was sharing it with other global entrepreneurs to save them the time and energy from having to do it on their own and losing confidence along the way. I've also been on a mission to empower women to build their financial safety net, make an impact while doing what brings them joy and have a flexible lifestyle that fits their needs. While working with many solo-entrepreneurs across the world, I have developed a step-by-step process to start and grow their portable businesses.

During the Slow Challenge, I will guide you through this system. By claiming this "me' time, you will be able to focus on your business at your own pace while taking the time for all the other things that matter to you. I can't wait to meet you there!

Give yourself permission to slow down while moving forward in your business