If you looking to create your own source of revenue and fulfillment, but you are not sure what it could be, or if you are hesitating between different ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Find out how you can transform your experiences, skills, and passions into a meaningful business that you can run from home or from anywhere you go.

In this virtual workshop, you will learn:

🎯 What the 10 steps to find the right business idea for you are.

🎯 How to know where you can make a difference and generate revenue.

🎯 What needs to happen to go from ideas to a business that is viable, profitable, and portable.

When you join us LIVE, you will:

💡 Receive a free workbook with exercises that will help you reflect on where you can make the most impact.

💡 Get feedback from us and other participants through group exercises.

💡 Receive a special bonus at the end of the workshop!

This is not going to be the typical webinar! During this live workshop, you will have the opportunity to start brainstorming on some ideas and get feedback.

Sign up now to make sure not to miss this chance to create new opportunities for you!



8am EDT - 2pm CEST - 9pm JST

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Meet Your Hosts!

Amel Derragui

Amel Derragui is a business and marketing coach and the founder of Tandem Nomads.

When she gave up her career to join her husband abroad, she started her consulting business in marketing and branding to provide strategic solutions to various clients in major industries across three continents.

Six years later, discovering a real need for expat spouses to find their own source of fulfillment and financial freedom, she launched Tandem Nomads.

Amel has since been featured for her work on the cover story of Forbes Magazine in Austria, Global Living Magazine in the US and other media. She has done a number of speaking engagements at various organizations including the UN, World Bank and IMF.

Sundae Bean

Sundae is an intercultural specialist and solution-oriented coach.

She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and host of the podcast, Expat Happy Hour.

Sundae is the mother of two third-culture kids and has lived overseas since 1998. Originally from the US, she has lived in Switzerland, Burkina Faso and is now in South Africa. She has helped individuals from more than 60 countries go through transitions and change.

Sundae also works with individuals seeking more purpose and meaning as they face the challenges of living globally mobile lives as well as supporting multinational companies and NGOs to help their employees make the most of their time abroad.

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